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The site is under construction!

What is EasyWay?

EasyWay (EW for friends) is a last generetion game engine, it's easy and flexible
It's written in java but it can reach performances comparable with 2D game engine written in C language.

EasyWay is projected to simplify the "Game Programmer Job": You can create a small demo writing few lines of code.

The main keys of EasyWay:

  • can run on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • is Extremely easy to use
  • The game can run on FullScreen or Windows mode
  • Supports about 20 image types with maskered color
  • Powerful and very flexible sprite management
  • Automated Collision-checks, rendering and data loops
  • has an easy and fully automated (collisions, rendering) Tile Engine
  • has a fully automated subEngine (quad-engine) that speed-up your performances without drawing what "you don't see".
  • has an internal Game Editor
  • is extremely extendible

and so much: for example the possibility to zoom in\zoom out on world writing only a line of code!



21 August 2006

Ho aggiunto un piccolo e quasi invisible contatore di visite al sito.
Son state ultimate le sezioni FAQ, HelpUs e è stato migliorato il testo delle altre varie sezioni.

20 August 2006

I've added the Credits, ScreenShots and License Sections.
The ScreenShots section isn't finished yet: I've only added an Image and a Video taken from an old game that I had developed.

19 August 2006

I'm starting to make this site.
The graphic isn't the best but I'm not an artist.
I've just finished a first Intro about EasyWay is it.
If you have comments or you want to help us please contact me at:

18 August 2006

We have registered the project on SourceForge.net


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