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Help Us

The EasyWay team is searching for able people who can help us in improving and extending GameEngine!
We are also searching for WebMasters and Artists for the website!

If you think that you can help us you can contact us at: dshnt@hotmail.com or you can post a topic on our forum.

If you have improved some parts of the game engine's code, if you think that some of the algorithms are optimizable or if you want to add some new particular functionalities not previewed in the current version you must let us know it!

EasyWay is born under GPL licence and this allows you to also extend and modify the GameEngine specializing it on a particular camp (for example, to make RPG in FinalFantasy©SquareSoft style).
This will allow to the community to have not only the generic use GameEngine, but also of the specialized versions who will render much more simple the videogames developer's life.
The SubProject section of the website, in fact, is turned to collect the GameEngine modified versions.

If you think that you can help us for something else or in any different mode you must let us know it!